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VIP Access Pass entitles the bearer to all future lotteries. With the purchase of this VIP Pass you have the chance to win a Ferrari F8, Lamborghini Huracan, Lamborghini Aventador, or a McClaren 720s super car. This is an exclusive collection of only 1800 NFTs. There will be 4 winners. Your NFT will always have value because you will have early access to all future lotteries. You can sell your NFT and the person who buys will be able to participate on the next lotteries of 1800 NFTs. This first lottery is EPIC because there will be a greater chance for the 4 winners. On the next lottery, the first 1800 Access Passes will have a chance to win with the new lottery of a new 1800 NFTs.



When you buy this NFT it will unlock a New collection, that will give you VIP access to all the BIG NFT parties all over the world, such as Miami, Tulum, Dominican Republic, Bahamas, etc. All the parties will be top of the line, with the best DJs. The parties will include food, drinks, and different amenities.



The bearers will have access to a community where we share ideas and work together and we create value together. A community where we all participate together and win together. Not only the creator will win, but we all participate in the decisions of our community. We will all decide together. Where one go, we all go.



We have an events company called VIP Exclusive NFT Events. We are based out of Miami, Florida and we are concentrating in supporting the NFT community here in the United States. We want to grow together with our members and by owning this VIP pass, we give you access to being part of our company. We have 50% of our shares available to you. Why we do this? Because we value the human conscience, without YOU nothing can be done! The human conscience is what makes everything possible!



The Lottery for the Super cars, a 2022 Lamborguini Aventador, 2022 Lamborguini STO, 2022 Ferrari F8 and a 2022 McClaren 720s, will be held in Miami, FL with a BIG NFT party and we will transmit a live feed where the winners will be announced. There will be several DJs where the community will choose from, there will be games, virtual realities, food and drinks and much more.

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Randar Brito

“The Brains”

A trader, crypto investor. Founder of VIP Exclusive NFT Events Inc. NFT creator.

Looking to grow with everyone else.

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Maciel DeJesus

NFT Creator and trader.

Co-founder of VIP Exclusive

NFT Events.

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Madeline DeJesus

Executive Director of Promotions


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Zack AKA Kingfazz. 

 Executive Director of Communications